JoomlaPure Microdata and Accessibility Options

JoomalPure has a number of options to make your site better understood by search engines as well as by users of screen readers.

Microdata Options

The template uses markup to give parts of your page some extra information.

  • Publishing Times - Let search engines know when an article was written, modified or due to expire
  • Titles - Make sure it's clear which part of the page is the actual article title
  • Breadcrumbs - Adds markup to each breadcrumb link
  • Featured Images - Makes it clear which image should be used to represent the article
  • Authors - Adds microdata to the author of an articles name

Wai-Aria Landmarks

Enabling this option adds 'Web Accessibility Initiative - Accessible Rich Internet Applications' markup to your pages providing extra information about the usage of each area. Read more at

Enabling this option adds the following landmarks:

  • Banner
  • Navigation
  • Main
  • Contentinfo
  • Form (search and contact)
  • Search