JoomlaPure Basic Options

The basic template options are a few standard options which don't really fit in any other category.

  • Site Name - This will be used by default for the logo. Else where the site name from global configuration is used
  • Hide Home Component - This will remove the component output on the homepage so it can be used to just show modules.
  • Google Fonts - Enable loading of Google fonts.
  • JS Font Loader - Toggle between using the css or javascript font loader
  • Google Font Names - The fonts to load (See the notes below on loading multiple fonts)
  • Analytics code - Analytics snippet to be loaded before the </head> tag


Google Fonts - using the JavaScript font loader gives more control over fonts than the css method but it also takes slightly longer for the fonts to load. I would recommend using the css method.

When loading multiple fonts, the syntax is different when using different methods. When using the JavaScript loader, fonts should be separated by a comma. When using css, they should be separated by a pipe |

Script tags will be automatically removed from the analytics code as it will be loaded together with any other JavaScript.