The Why

I started working on this project after getting frustrated with the current array of Joomla 3 frameworks on offer. Not to say that they are bad, more that they are marketed to people in a different position to myself.

I usually work in the way that I get sent a design that I need to make into a template. Whilst all the drag and drop interfaces and colourpickers are very swish, they are often unneeded for my projects, and once a site is up and running they are really not needed at all.

The point being that all the frameworks produced by commercial companies are there so new designs can be snapped on each month whilst keeping an interface that is familiar to their clients, enabling them to carry out basic customisations for multiple templates in the same way.

For me, it is usually faster to code a template based on a design than to wrestle a pre-made template into something that looks familiar to the end goal.

This wasn't always the case. In the days when css coding was done from scratch there was the width calculations when adding or removing sidebars, the styling of the core output and each element to match the design and cross browser testing that could make it a lengthy process.

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