Version 1.0.1 release notes.

This release fixes some major oversights in the template overrides. The oversight being that if the main index file doesn't add a pure unit around the component the letter spacing would be messed up.
This release adds the class to the view overrides to stop the problem if it isn't defined in the index.

Added Bootstrap support - The less and sass folders now contain Bootstrap versions 2.3.2 and 3.0.0 which can be uncommented and included in your css output. This makes it easier to incorporate Bootstrap styles needed by specific extensions. JavaScript components have also been added to the js folder (for convieniance) which can be pasted into the plugins/scripts files.

Image resizing fixes - When resizing with only a width value the resulting image used the width atribute as the height. This is now fixed.

Mobile detect has been updated to 2.7.1 (02/10/13)

New view files added for tag component and module using the pure extras classes for badges.

Pricing table layout example added to the extras/layouts folder.

Available now from the github releases page.

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