JoomlaPure Core Output Options

Removing Unwanted Code

Joomla, by default, loads code that you may not want or need on your site.

JoomlaPure gives you the option to strip this code from the output, leading to a smaller, faster-loading page.

In the templates 'Core Output' area there are the following options.

  • Remove Mootools - Strips the mootools JavaScript library from the page
  • Remove Mootoolsmore - Strips the additional mootools javascript
  • Remove Corejs - Strips Joomla's core JavaScript file
  • Remove Caption - Strips the caption file and uses regex to remove the caption script
  • Remove Core jQuery - Strips the local jQuery JavaScript library
  • Remove noconflict - Strips the core jQuery noconflict script
  • Remove Bootstrap Tooltip - Strips the BS tooltip from template overrides
  • Remove Bootstrap JS - Strips the full BS JavaScript file
  • Remove Canonical Tag - Strips the canonical tag (Read about why you might want to strip Joomla's canonical tags
  • Remove Article Tags - Removes the display of the article tags so you can use them for the social options without them showing on the page)
  • Generator Tag - Removes the Joomla generator tag (leave blank) or changes it (add something to the text area)

Adding Useful Code

JoomlaPure also adds a way to add some of this code back.

  • Add jQuery - Option to add a copy of jQuery from Google's CDN either in the document head, or at the bottom of the page.
  • Version Number - The version of jQuery to load
  • Move Scripts Down - Takes all javascript added to the head and moves it to the bottom of the page
  • Load plugins.js - Loads plugins.js from the templates js directory at the bottom of the page (blank)
  • Load scripts.js - Loads scripts.js after plugins.js



Removing Bootstrap JavaScript only removes the behaviour from the template overrides. If you install an extension which calls one of these behaviours then the files will still be loaded.

Removing the canonical tags is only meant to be a temporary fix until the core is corrected. There is a bug tracker item on this here.

Removing the generator tag is purely cosmetic. Whilst you don't want to advertise the system being used, there are many easy ways for people to find you run a Joomla website.


jQuery version numbers make a difference to performance. The more specific a version number, the longer it will be cached by a browser for. For example, using the value '1' will load the latest copy of 1.x but will be cached by the browser for the shortest time in case of updates. Using '1.8' will be cached for longer but can still be updated with sub-versions. Using '1.8.3' will cache for the longest time as there will be no further versions of this release.

Moving scripts down only unsets scripts that use the $doc->addScriptDeclaration to add code to the core output. Extensions that require a library but output their JavaScript with the content may require you to load a library in the document head. This was done for performance reasons to avoid having to scan the whole document stripping js and then adding it back. If you need to do this there is a plugin called scriptsdown which may be of use.