JoomlaPure Custom 404 Options

JoomlaPure takes custom 404 pages to the next level with easy customisation and automatic notification emails of broken links.

Customising the 404 Page

JoomlaPure removes the standard red and white 404 error notice by default and replaces it with your custom content.

The 'Custom 404 Page' template option area contains an editor where you can add any html you want. The error.css stylesheet is added to the page so you can use this file for any needed css.

A search box can also be added to the page using the '404search' position to help the user find the content they were looking for.

Email Error Options

This option is added so you can keep track of broken links on your, and other, sites.

You can do the same thing using the redirect component. The redirect component however logs every url and it can take time to go through all the links to see which ones should actually link to pages.

Enabling the 'Email 404 information' option will not send mail notifications of every view of a 404 page. This could lead to a server melt down and quickly breaking the email limits imposed by your hosting provider.

Note - If you have lots of broken links you should disable this option and first scan the site with a tool like xenu to at least fix internal links. This is for the reasons noted above.

When enabled and a recipient email address is added, the error page will check for a referring page. If a referring page exists, it will then use the Joomla mail function to send an email to the recipient address with information about the page the user was trying to access and the page they were referred from.

The mail is sent from the mailfrom and fromname set in global configuration.

The content of the mail body can be customised in the language files. By default it is:

404 page alert for {site name}

The user was refered from {Link to refering page}

They were trying to reach a page at {Link to the page on your site which led to the 404}

This enables you to quickly fix broken links on your site and also ask other sites to change their links to your (non-existent) page.

What if I can't get the other link taken down?

In the case that you can't get a link on another site taken down, you can then use the link in the email to redirect the missing page to one which is relevant to the missing one.

This can be done using either the redirect component or a standard .htaccess file.