JoomlaPure Bonus Folder

Within the template is a folder called 'extras' which contains some bonus goodies for site speed and SEO.

Optimised .htaccess File

This folder contains my default .htaccess file which takes care of lots of things that should be added to all production sites.

  • Leverage browser caching
  • Gzip compression
  • Far-future expires headers
  • Cross domain font access
  • Cross domain image access
  • Force Internet Explorer to use the latest version
  • ETag removal

To use this file you need to move it to the root of the domain. Leave it until the site is ready for production or you will have trouble with browser caching whilst in development.

These rules are taken from various versions of the html5 boilerplate which I have found to work best in different server environments.

If you have a dedicated or virtual private server it is always best to add these rules to the domains httpd.conf file. A .htaccess file needs to be parsed on each page load. If it is added at the server config file then it is loaded on startup and not needed again, reducing the load on the server.

Alternative robots.txt File

The alternative robots.txt file adds a couple of additions to the standard robots file.

It has a sitemap declaration which can be uncommented and replaced with the correct path to your sitemap for automatic discovery.

The images folder is commented out to allow search engines to index you images so your site can be found in image search results.