JoomlaPure Social Sharing Options

JoomlaPure has SocialCount integrated into its template overrides (and can be turned off if you don't want to use it, like everything else).

This great script is a small jQuery plugin which lazyloads social sharing widgets.

Adding the standard Facebook, Twitter and Googe Plus sharing buttons to a page can add lots of extra http requests and dns lookups which slows down the load of a page.

SocialCount starts by loading standard html sharing links. When a user hovers over the sharing button it shows their intent to use it and then the real widget gets loaded. Give it a try below!

This is great for mobile users and also works on browsers with JavaScript disabled.

You can read more about it on the SocialCount Github page

There is an option to load the css and Javascript or not as the buttons will work without JavaScript or jQuery (This page. Check the blog to see them working with jQuery) and when using your own css files the css can be copied into your files to cut down on an extra request (It is included in the less and scss files).

Icons can be turned on and off.

Buttons can be positioned at the top or bottom of an article or both.

There is an option for the size of the buttons, small, default or large.

The share text option gets added to the standard sharing html links.