JoomlaPure Social Optimization Options

This is where JoomlaPure really comes into it's own with a collection of social integration options not seen in other frameworks. Some not even seen in Joomla plugins (as yet no-one has made a Twitter card plugin).

Facebook OpenGraph Tags

JoomlaPure can automatically add OpenGraph tags using the article information. This creates an object for each article within the Facebook graph which you can then get insights for when shared by users.

The description tag will use the meta description of the article. If this is left blank, the main page text will be used and rounded to the nearest word according to the 'Max Description Length'.

The OG Admins box is where you add your Facebook ID. You can get your ID by using adding multiple ID's is possible when separating them by a comma.

OG Site Name will be used as the name of the site.

Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards were introduced very recently, and allow for parts of your article to be attached to the tweet

You first need to validate your site at Twitter for the cards to be shown.

JoomlaPure offers the following options for Twitter cards:

  • Site User - This is a Twitter user name for the site or company eg @bbcnews
  • Default Card - 3 types of card are supported, summary, photo and gallery
    • Summary - This is the default card and shows article content and an image if available
    • Photo - This card shows a larger image than the summary. If no image is available it will fall back to the summary card
    • Gallery - This card shows a collection of images in a lightbox. If there is not 4 or more images on the page it will fall back to the photo card
  • Twitter Creator - Adds the Twitter username of the article author (see notes below)
  • Default Creator - Replaces the creator when no match is found

Google Authorship and Publishership

JoomlaPure makes it easy to add Google authorship and publishership to your site. Take a look at the notes below about how to get this to work using the contacts component.

The available options are:

  • Google Authorship - on or off
  • Link Directly - When set to no, author links will link to the users contact page which in turn links to Google Plus. When set to yes the article links directly to Google Plus opening in a new window
  • Google Company Plus Page - this adds a rel="publisher" link to your site which results in the company being shown to the right of search results


Getting Author Information

To get the necessary information for Google authorship and Twitter creator links, JoomlaPure uses the contact component.

Create a group in the contact component called authors (You can not add a contact without creating a group). Then create a new contact and link it to the Joomla user.

In the contact edit screen there is a tab called 'contact details' which has a field called 'website' and another tab called 'display options' which has space for 5 extra links, link A to link E.

When looking for a Google Plus profile or Twitter account, JoomlaPure starts with the website field and then the links a to e consecutively. When it finds a link starting with it adds the ?rel=author string to the end and uses this for the link. When a link to a Twitter profile is found, the username is stripped and used as the Twitter creator.

Adding authorship links does not guarantee your profile will be shown next to search results, you must also follow Google's guidelines.

Twitter Card Images

Twitter respects your robots.txt file. Joomla's default is to disallow indexing of the images directory. You can comment out the images line in the default robots.txt file or use the one from the extras folder to stop any validation problems with images.

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